Young – old love


There are many young-old relationships in our city,  which includes Christians, Muslims and people of many religions.

One of the advantages is that the younger person gets to enjoy the wisdom and stability of the older person — which also usually includes financial stability. I personally tell the foreigners that the best gift we can give our younger spouses and girlfriends is the benefit of an education. The educated parents are better able to help children with homework and various skills to become successful in this world.

Also I see that many older men will accept the children of their new wife or girlfriend and provide a positive role model. Dumaguete has become the home of many second families, as more mature men have started a new life. Additionally, research shows that  husbands who have younger wives live longer.

Personally I have found my Filipino and Filipina friends invaluable to help me with a different culture. Overall I think the Asian and Filipino attitudes towards life are better than many more economically successful countries. In America, there  is too much stress, in part because it’s easy to get credit card loans and stay forever in debt.

Even if there are differences between interests, hobbies, activities, activity levels, music, or favorite foods, a loving relationship with good communication should remedy most differences regardless of an age gap. Often the younger people will get the older people to do more things —-  the vigor of youth makes the older person younger!

Life is truly better and more fun in the Philippines!