Worry gets you nowhere


Have you ever felt worried? It’s one of the worse feelings. The uncertainty of how things will turn out eats me up. It burdens me and makes me feel restless.

But, that same friend reminded me about this fact — that God provides where He leads. That all we have to do is give our best and put our full trust in Him.

Friends, today, I am happy to share with you that God fulfilled that prophecy. I am writing this entry from the United Arab Emirates. So I invite you to stop the worry cycle and expect blessings to come your way.

“You know what? You’ll be traveling to the U.A.E. early next year!” a friend of mine with the gift of vision prophesied to me one morning.

“Wehhh?!” I asked in doubt. Then, a sudden rush of worry flowed into me. How would I pay for the plane fare and other travel expenses? Where will I get my allowance?

Did you see what I did there? Instead of embracing the exciting news, I resorted to anxiety.

I have to admit, I am a big worrier Erika Mendoza (epaulmendoza@gmail.com)

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Reflection: “Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.” (Erma Bombeck)

Lord, teach me to stop worrying and start trusting You.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for us.