Women Auxillary turns 63

In photo are the officers of the WA-SUMCFI, namely, front row: Perla Kho, Luz Forbes, exofficio Betty Caduyac, Luz Antonio, president Atty. Pearl Estacion, SUMCFI president & administrator Robert Montebon, vice president Beeing Vicher, Janki Hassaram. Second row, standing: pro Bebot ,Orales, auditor joy Tuates, Asha Chandiramani, secretary Annabelle Escorial and treasurer Sally Tan

The women’s auxiliary – Silliman University Medical Center Foundation, Inc. celebrated their 63RD anniversary shortly. The celebration featured the giving of gifts to children and adult wards at SUMCFI, by the pediatric assistance program (PAP) committee chaired by Asha Chandiramani.

The pap was a special project for pediatric indigent patients initiated by Dr. Florendo, lunch for the members and guests at the Silliman assembly hall and, later, free medicines were donated for the ALAGAD program in conjunction with Silliman University’s 117TH anniversary celebration under the auspices of the hospital’s social development program.

The WA-SUMCFI who composed of more than 70 active members, continue to stand by their commitment to give financial, moral, and material aid to qualified indigent SUMCFI patients, and extend aid as an arm to SUMCFI.

Founded and organized by the late Dr. Purificacion Florendo in 1955 after observing various women’s auxiliary hospitals in the United States where she underwent training and practice. Dr. Florendo realized that a program like this would do well in the mission hospital here at Silliman University.