Why won’t Barrio report drug dealers?

Barangay officials who wantonly refuse to submit lists of suspected drug personalities in their respective barangays for fear of reprisals maybe categorized as cuddlers or drug protectors.

This statement was issued by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Provincial Head Grace Cruz during the recent three day enhancement skills training given to members of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BADACs) initiated by the Liga ng mga Barangays headed by Motong village chief Dionie Amores.

Agent Cruz explained PDEA and the police have their own list of drug personalities in every barangay that will be compared and verified with the list coming from their respective BADACs.

She said the barangays should be the first to know and identify individuals who are engaged in the illegal sale, manufacturing, or distribution of the same.

Agent Cruz said if a known drug personality is not listed in the barangay where he or she resides, PDEA will have reasons to believe the entire set of barangay officials including the BADAC are either protectors or drug coddlers and that the report will be submitted to higher headquarters.

According to Agent Cruz, barangays are also required to submit names of transients in their respective barangays.