Who’s afraid of who’s shadow?


When a person becomes afraid of his own shadow,that could be the beginning of his own instability and paranoia. Paranoia is a state where one believes that people are against him or her, even if such is not true at all.

The cry-wolf that some people are out to oust him is not exactly a 100% fact, to say the least—- but not impossible Even the defense chief says it is not wholly true. When one is in power, there is always that opposite force wanting to topple the other. That, too is a fact. And every leader knows that. So there is really nothing to fear because there is nothing there is at all except FEAR itself.

Pres. Digong Duterte so far, is still the country’s man, ok? Nobody can replace him today or tomorrow under the present uncertain circumstance, or until it passes.

Taking over a government or toppling a president in power is not a joke. It needs foresight. Most of all, it needs the support of the people. Marcoe believed that the political opposition was weak and not supported by the people since the KBL party of Marcos was popular and very much in power. But Marcos miss calculated that the Church who relied on God alone and not man, , got the support of the people and so, the first bloodless coup in the world happened only in the Philippines and was baptized as called people power.

Is People Power ready to rise in the Philippines today? We say NO.—- at least NOT YET. And Duterte who should know his history is pre-empting a possible people’s power which we believe his is right and correct in making a wild guess.

Toppling a government or a president needs the support of a super power. In the case of Marcos, the US was openly in support of the Marcos ouster, with the famous words of president Reagan when he said by phone to Marcos : “CUT AND CUT CLEAN”. Meaning get out of the way, and walk quietly we will provide the plane out for you. And so it did.

In the case of alleged anti Duterte ouster plot, no foreign power is still willing to take the cudgels at least at this time. (yet) openly in our affairs. The U.S. obviously has always the CIA’s job to serve first and foremost the American interest so what else can you expect? But Trump seems to be befriending Duterte. So no apparent coup support by any foreign government at least at this time.

But Anyone who takes over violently this time in the Philippines, will just be crushed by the armed forces might. Besides Duterte is still at the peak of his popularity although it is now declining according to the surveys. But Duterte is still on the level of VERY GOOD.

Let it be said therefore that we know our history. Duterte is still the strong man to reckon with today. How long Manoy Diggong can and will remain in power, as the strongman of the Philippines depends ENTIRELY ON HIM AND HIM ALONE.