What one can possibly do during retirement age


There are people who retire from their work without any serious problem for they plan things well before they retire.

As working parents, they have saved enough for their future. They have built a decent house and acquired some lands for farming. They have sent their children to school until they graduated and lived by their respective professions.

Here are some good suggestions for the retiree:

  • Plan your retirement in the spirit of having something added to your life.
  • Don’t be against things so much as for things.
  • Even if you can afford it, don’t rely on loafing. Life doesn’t have to be easy to be wonderful.
  • Get up every morning wanting to do something.
  • Seek variety, develop original ideas, go with your whole heart, don’t let the minutes rust away.
  • Try to keep healthy. Remember: “Every time you go down, get up again. You’ll be stronger than ever.”