What consultations? What about election?

WHY SHORELINE PROTECTION WAS NECESSARY—DETERIORATING SEAWALL AT THE BOULEVARD can be gleaned in the photos, over the years as huge waves and even storm surges would encroach the highways, establishments and residences along the beachfront adversely endangering the pedestrians and motorists. Thus, to promote the general welfare and public safety, the city administration is advocating for the shoreline protection project to prevent further erosion and destruction of the sea wall and the paved pathway of the Rizal Boulevard.


Some envious critics of the much-lauded shoreline protection and sports hub at the boulevard say that there was no consultation…What? At the start there was no commet hardly, now that it’ almost done, some some say there was no consultation…what? Haven’t they heard about the issues last elections? Well, the answers are here: an overwhelming support to the initiators of the boulevard shoreline protection.

By the way, the best way to question the project is to go to court so there will be officiality.

The multi million peso water septage facility in Camanjac has been returned to the City Government by the City Water District….and only to be rented by the DCWD in the future, when their joint venture with Metro Pac will be operational…The compromise agreement is actually a win-win solution in exchange for a long expensive legal battle wherein one has to lose, sometimes no winner at all….. Well the solution reached was win win for all parties.

Finally our city council gave a sign of maturity. We are all sick of party squabblings. Gone are the days of the minority getting no committee chairmanship. Not anymore. Now each and every kagawad in the city are now given a chairmanship position. This time, they will all be accountable for the success or failure of their committees…We predict .there will be less absences and walkouts.

People felt proud of the Visayan-speaking Senator in the person of Bong Go…Thousands of students at city high and teachers, including parents felt proud of him. It is not always that we have Cebuano-speaking senators. Now, we have another Cebuano-speaking president. Duterte has his faults. Who hasn’t ? But at least Duterte has political will, one trait which only a few presidents had.

We are impressed by the ideas and plans of California- based urban planner for Dumaguete Dr Efren Padilla. He is as good as a local boy although teaching in California.He is a former Outstanding Sillimanian awardee. We ought to appreciate this man who went out of his way to layout the master urban plan of Dumaguete for Mayor Remollo. Pro Bono. Kudos to the master urban planner of Dumaguete, Bai Efren Padilla!

Ever since we published the prototype of the new – e-tricycle, we see many of them on the Dumaguete road now. And it makes the city look better, and a bit modern . Im sure a lot of old tricycle drivers will be willing to barter their old reliable with this new motorized technology. They say it’s only P180k in the local market.


NORSU president Dre Joel Limson may be the silent type, some say an absentee president, but he has been doing good lately. Imagine embarking on commercial buildings along the NORSU highway perimeter. That’s a big step Joel! Keep it up.