Water district control?


DUMAGUETE CITY – It is a sad story that politics predominate  the well-meaning intentions of both  the water district and the City Government.  We do not blame anyone but this is the price of democratic space.

This deliberate desire not to meet in harmonious communications between the City Government and the Water District is not doing the community any good.

Latest in point is the disappointment by the Ayala Group in Tubig Pilipinas who felt  they were side-stepped by another proponent and feel their offer is no longer being considered by the Water District. Well, city council found out that there was also no formal written offer made by Tubig Pilipinas.

But why do prospective private partners display the highest form of civility by meeting in session with the representatives of the people—and not the water district?

This old question has again propped up with the recent dismay of the Ayala water group in Tubig Pilipinas who offered the water district bulk-water supply for the future, by tapping surface water sources like the rivers. Tubig Pilipinas has done it is Cebu, Iloilo, and Bacolod and other smaller places.

Part of the offer is no-rate increase for five years, a share in the gross income to be given to the City Government aside from the share to the water district ; and a choice of retirement options by all employees.

Has the City government surrendered it sovereignty to the water district? Of course the law assures the autonomous posture  of all water districts.  But isn’t the DCWD siding with the Sagarbarria side of politics as against the Remollo political  band wagon?  Is this their brand of autonomy?

We notice that the water district bosses are serious in holding on to their concept of public interest while the city seems to be responding with kids’ gloves treatment. Virtually all city councilors have their own professions and business to focus aside from their legislative work.   Both are not dealing with the issues in the same degree of seriousness nor  in the playing field level.

If the mayor is serious enough in winning the best interest for the public, then (if he is too busy-busy),   he should create a task force, or a technical working group that will focus and  recommend the City’s legal all other   options in the water  issue. It is not even doing anything after the DCWD junked its own two- recomendees Maxino and Futalan   to the DCWD board. Kids gloves.

Looks like the City  Water District is more in control of the situation  than  mighty City Hall. Prove us wrong.


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