Wanted: Sea shore volunteer cleaners


DUMAGUETE CITY – Every morning, we are fortunate to watch the sun rise across the Dumaguete skyline in a burst of many colors. We see a number of joggers, runners and Zumba dancers do their morning workout. The sea is calm, silky and smooth. The smell of the sea breeze is refreshing. It’s a glorious day break at the Rizal Boulevard.

While we appreciate having a sea wall to do our morning exercise and afternoon leisurely stroll, our Rizal Boulevard needs to be kept clean. Sadly, people leave trash everywhere, all the way from the pier to the end of the boulevard stretch. There are trash bins provided at the boulevard but some people just throw their trash anywhere. There are one or two cleaners but they could not keep up with the work of cleaning up after so many people. Some plastic bottles and waste products are carelessly tossed to the sea, where they stick out like an eye sore during low tide. We can just imagine the pollution they do to marine life.

Discipline is something we all need to do to demonstrate our love for the environment and for the people who live on Planet Earth. Without discipline, we will leave the earth in a much worse shape for the future generation. It is the only course of action for sustainable life.

This is a call for all civic organizations out there, students in this university town and people working in companies based in Dumaguete. If we care for the environment, can we please schedule regular sea shore clean-up drives? This will be a worthy project to keep our city clean, one area at a time. We can start at the boulevard and work our way to the parks and other public areas where people converge. If other cities can do it, so can we!

Let us clean up and help keep our city clean and green for ourselves and for our children. It’s a challenge we can all do.