Waiting in a hurry


The hardest kind of waiting happens when you are in a hurry, and GOD IS NOT. It is hard to be patient when you are waiting for an answer to your prayer; waiting for some miracle to happen, or, waiting for God to give what you are asking, change your financial condition, or our health problems, or your family relations, our spouse, our children or those problems that you have.

It hard to be in a hurry and God is not. Yet, waiting patiently for Him is an evidence of your faith. It is also a test of faith like Job. How long can you wait?

Lazarus , brother of Jesus’ close friends Martha and Mary, had to die sick . The family had to wait even with Laarus body died and was already sealed in the tomb. Jesus WAITED purposely for two days before he set out for Bethany where Lazarus lived and died. Why ? Because it was a good occasion for Jesus to show mankind that He is, was and will be God! Who can raise the dead to life! More impact to raise the dead rather than just curing the sick Lazarus!

“Lazarus, come out! (John 11:43) and indeed, even the dead obeyed Him and Lazarus come out—alive! Cured!