Visayas leaders unite: one vision 1 voice; 1 Visayas

REMOLLO BROKERING POLITICAL PEACE between Gov Roel Degamo and Cong Arnie Teves

Call it peer or political foresight if not pressure, with radars beamed for a win-win fight in the May political exercise, arch political rivals Gov. Roel Degamo and Congressman Arnulfo Arnie Teves of the third district, displayed an apparent gesture of reconciliation of sorts in a bid for political peace, as brokered by City Mayor Felipe Ipe Remollo. this was materialized Thursday in Taguig Shangrila Hotel.

Photo below shows Gov. Degamo and Congressman Teves with hands raised by Myaor Remollo which was seen as a goodwill gesture from both. But as to what extent is their definite political direction for unity is yet to be defined by both in person not just in pictures.

In an unprecedented display of unity, several congressmen, governors and mayros and other Visayas leaders of Regions 6, 7 and 8 pledged to form a uniting political force for the mid-year elections in May 2019. They met Thursday night at the Shanrila Hotel in Bonifacio Global City.

The convenor was Cong. Alberto “Albee” Benitez of Negros Occidental’s 3rd district. The reconciliation of Degamo and Arnie Teves was initiated a week ago by Mayor Remollo in Dgte and formalised during the gathering of key political leaders of the Visayas ( regions 6,7 and 8) at the Shangrila Hotel, Bonifacio Global city, Taguig, Metro Manila Thurday.

The affair was also attended also by Cong. Manuel Sagarbarria , Vice-Gov Mark Macias, City Mayors of Bais Mercy Teves and Tanjay city’s Rey Concepcion and other municipal mayors of Negros Oriental identified with Teves and Sagarbarria camps. ( In page one photo Cong Albee Benitez the host is seated beside Cong. Arnee Teves. Not present were Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves, younger brother of Arnee; and Cong Limkaichong.

Governors Maranon of Negros Occidental, Bohol Gov Edgar Chatto and Cong Arthur Yap of Bohol also sent video statements of support.

The political leaders of the Visayas issued the following STATEMENT:”

“We, the leaders of Visayas, recognize our shared stakes and common aspiration for the prosperity of Our People.

“We strongly believe that only through synergy and collective effort will OUR beloved Visayas will be able to fullfill its destiny – a globally – competitive economic powerhouse and a nurturing home of its People “We, as proud and dutiful children of Visayas, commit to enhance cooperation and strengthen partnership with the national Government and private sector in furtherance of Our united vision for a progressive Visayas.

“We, firmly resolve to, at all times, take into utmost consideration in “Our decision-making the economic and political benefit of Our People in Visayas.

“We hereby pledge Our unwavering commitment to this higher purpose, with God as witness and Our constituents we serve as inspiration.”


What could be the extent of the “reconciliation” between Gov Degamo and Cong Arnee Teves? One possibility would be the revival of the old political coalition concept wherein each one will respect the line-up his political rival without putting up an opponent, thus assuring victory.

Question: Will Mayor Pryde Henry Teves give way to Gov Degamo to run unopposed for reelection? No word yet from Mayor Pryde. He was not also present in that meeting in Shangrila.

Will Arnee Teves run unopposed in the third district as Mrs/Mayor Degamo of Pamplona, wife of Gov Degamo, will also give way to her 3rd congressional plans being a native of Siaton?

Will Cong Chikiting and Mayor Remollo run unopposed in their respective bailiwicks in the 2nd congressional district and Dumaguete city mayorship?

Will ex-Cong George Arnaiz lay off his political plans to run as Dgte City mayor vs Remollo?

have also yet to hear their personal answers just to make sure we are not mis-quoting anyone.

But the fact remains that Mayor Ipe Remollo was able to get that handshake between Cong Arnee and Gov Degamo, the two who have been exchanging bitter words (by remote control) to each other, last Thurday at the Shangrila giving gestures of goodwill to each other.