Vios is “clean”?; where’s the orange KIA?


Police probers who opened and examined the capitol-owned Vios Toyota gray sedan (photo at left) suspected of unloading two suspected gunmen who killed Rex Cornelio last May 5, unto a waiting motorbike at Robinsons park area, did not yeild anything incriminating (yet) except its fingerprints and hair strands which have yet to undergo forensin examination in Cebu.

Based on the Search Warrant issued by Judge Leoncio Bancorro, none of its specified items were found such as guns and ammo, masks and bonnets, nor any crime paraphernalia. In short police said the Vios was “clean” if not cleaned up…

The National Bureau of Investigation NBI which is mandated by RA 10867 to hold separate probes on extra judicial killings of media men among others, will subpoena three namely the guard, the key custodian and the driver of the Vios car who refused to be interrogated by NBI thru provincial attorney Edmund Dy, said in a letter to the NBI before the provincial board sessions.

The NBI special investigators III are Ido Salvador Trasmonte, team leader; SI-III Ernesto Tagle and SI-III Coco Lastimoso.

The NBI noted why the log book at the Vios park area, had pages missing, apparently torn, which included and covered May 5 page which was the date of the murder. Who torn the page? The NBI subpoena will find out.

The three parallel groups are now investigating the murder of Cornelio namely the provincial and city police force; the NBI and the governor’s lawyers headed by Atty Edmund Dy, Loui Rastica and Richard Enojo in his private capacity. They all are asking what was the role of the controversial government car in the murder.

The big question now bugging police, NBI and government crime investigators covering the murder of Broadcaster Rex Cornelio-Pepino is: what was the real role of the Vios Toyota car of the provincial capitol assigned in the provincial assessor’s office in the crime if any?

The best evidence about the existence of a probable cause of its alleged involvement in the crime was the search warrant itself issued by Judge Leoncio Bancorro which otherwise would have been denied if there was the absence of probable cause if at all.

Second was the visible red plate government number 072806 authentic , as seen in the CCTV by the police when the Vios parked at the lot near DYMD ahead of another red orange KIA sedan with an alleged fake plate number VC 1523 before ‘Rex Cornelio would emerge from the station after his program May 5 past 8pm.

Police probers say that the CCTV recorded the two cars’s side by side with their drivers apparently conversing just when Cornelio and wife proceeded north on motorbike past 8pm. That Cornelio was followed by a motor in tandem bikers which allegedly alighted from the Vios or near the Vios before it followed Cornelio.

And the CCTV footage which the NBI showed the rendezvous of the red orange KIA which parked at the capitol praxivilla tennis road and was followed by the riders in tandem suspects, who parked at its back, and who transferred and rode on the red car, only to disembark few meters from the Lamberto sports center and walked back to their motorbikes and rode on two separate motorbikes to downtown.

True enough Gov ‘Degamo ordered the investigation why a provincial capitol gray sedan Vios was involved as per search warrant of the judge. Gov is asking: who drove the car during the crime incident>? Was there a trip ticket? Who was the custodian of the key to the car door and car ignition keys? What was the purpose of such 6pm to 8pm trip on May 5?

Who drove the Vios the next day? Governor Degamo warned that unless these questions are officially answered, he will hold the assigned custodian of the Vios responsible for such trip which the governor claimed , he had no knowledge about.