Unity elusive unless petty politics attains maturity

The local government leaders can pretend to discuss about attaining unity and peace in the hinterlands. But unless petty politics among themselves will reach or attain a respectable degree of maturity, there will be no lasting solution at hand, only palliatives, in living in harmony, especially up there in the mountains.

The heat in the last two local elections has not yet simmered down, truth to tell. The first district is a greatly divided territory of pro-Degamo and pro-Limkaichong factions. Meaning, governor versus congresswoman entities. The two are respectable and educated people, but their minions below continue to imagine political animosities even if the elections are long over. It behoves upon both leaderships to advise their followers to drop the political bucket and simmer down to serious and united governance. They have obviously not attained that.

But how can you when cases upon cases of graft and corruption are still pending against this exasperated governor, who in many instances have almost been removed, dismissed and suspended due to valid legal basis? But then the niceties of the law still enable the guv to elude removal efforts, thus, the political animosities continue to “omido.” It’s an ever – burning ember.

In the meantime, the communist insurgents found an opening to widen the divide and because of the absence of any or two of the parties, the people feel neglected, thus, an opening for communism has emerged, as it has long emerged for decades now in fact.

Long story short, the real civil government’s sustained, credible, lasting and loving presence among the people in the mountains, has been felt, but sporadically, occasionally, as exemplified in seasonal medical missions, although at least they do that.

In the meantime, civil government’s absence is replaced by the communists’ consistent presence, indoctrination, trainings, teach-ins, free medical supplies, arms training, patrols, food supply, courtesy of the people’s revolutionary taxes which civil government has also failed to curtail. Ask: Why? You know the answer.

Battalions of soldiers, guns and ammo, are not the solution. The military knows that. Good if they can sustain their good, kind, credible, and sustainable presence like the rebels. If they can outdo how the insurgents are handling the people up there, perhaps, it can tilt the balance, but, until then, the people fear the rebs more who are always around compared to the military who are only seriously present after ambushes and killings occur. The same soldiers cannot stay forever since they have tour of duty. They come and go and each have good and bad habits to display. So what can you expect?

Militarization is an effective threat the insurgents brand the military presence even if the army as not there to fight but to serve. Why? Because they don’t do that as effectively and as often. Besides, soldiers come and go while the insurgents are seemingly there to stay. If you were an ordinary farmer, where will your sympathies be? Honest lang. Life is not easy up there, but honest lang, how does this situation look? Hopeful or hopeless?