Two women, suspected counterfeit credit cards scammers shot dead

Two alleged members of a syndicate believed to be responsible in victimizing several establishments in Dumaguete using counterfeit credit cards were shot and killed in broad daylight, one of whom was killed on the spot , while the other died later at the Intensive Care Unit  of the Holy Child Hospital.

April Bien
April Bien, 30, dead on the spot
Meagan Noble
Meagan Noble, 21, died in the hospital

Declared  dead by the chief of One Rescue Dr. Kenneth Coo is  identified as a certain Meagan Noble, 21 years old, single, with live-in partner, resident of Malibay, Pasay City, while the other is identified as April Bien, 30 years old, single, with live-in partner, resident of Advincula Street, Pasay City.

They were on board a tricycle with body number 0056, when  unidentified riding in tandem suspects shot them several times, which resulted in the instantaneous death of Noble and later to Bien.

Initial investigations disclosed the two just came from the city detention cell to visit the 12 suspects in an estafa case filed by a hotel owner who was earlier victimized by the group while the city police was having a formation for deployment to the Sandurot activities.  Few minutes later at around 10:30 in the morning, bursts of gunfires were heard to find out later that the victims were the two female visitors of the 12 alleged members at the city detention cell.

Dumaguete PNP chief of police PSupt Jovito Atanacio said the two had conversed with their respective live-in partners inside the city detention cell, possible topics of which is on how to bail them out because the judge wanted them to produce birth certificates.  Bien’s live-in partner is Raymundo Erickson while Noble’s live-in partner is Albert Marasigan, the alleged leader of the group.

In an interview with Atty. Freddie Hermosa, who stood as legal counsel of the 12, the two posted  bail bonds for nine of the 12 accused at P16,000 each at the Clerk of Court  yesterday Friday , but the judge required them to submit birth certificates when told by one of the ladies that their identification cards were fake.

As a result, the 12 including the nine whose bail were posted, could not be released until such time, their respective birth certificates are submitted to the court.  The 12 are presently detained at the Dumaguete Police Station.

Meanwhile, Noble was tagged earlier by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Dumaguete as the 13th member, who is in charge of the purchased items from different establishments in Dumaguete, but could not anymore trace the whereabouts of the  Canter vehicle where the items were loaded.  At the NBI office, she identified herself as a certain Charlotte Gonzales. At the Max’s fried chicken where they used a counterfeit credit card the card bearer identified himself as Carmelito Gonzales, who turned out to be Christopher Fernandez.

Investigator on case PO3 Anthony Vee Alanano  mainly rely on the truthfulness of the names of the victims from the 12 who are presently detained in liue of the fact that they had earlier used fictitious names.

Dumaguete police chief PSupt Jovito Atanacio and PNP provincial director PSSupt. Edwin Portento had conferred with the duty investigator at the police station to dig deeper into the motive and identities of the suspects.

In an interview, the pedicab driver identified as Jenny Estrabela said the two flagged him down at the southern tip of Meciano Road and asked him to bring them to Jollibee when suddenly the suspects wearing bonnets told him to make a stop, while the backrider shoot the victims from behind, and he was told to run. In that instance, the backrider alighted and went to the right side of the pedicab and continued firing.

Footages of CCTV cameras along Meciano Road particularly at Foundation University and at the residence of Atty.  Hermosa showed that the two victims had bags which were taken by the suspects before leaving the crime scene going to west direction.