Two kids burned at hill top house

Mayor gives firemen a moral booster. (File Photo

On the eve of Fire Prevention Month, —

Two children were charred to death in an afternoon fire that gutted a house at Barangay Magsaysay, Dauin, Negros Oriental. They were allegedly left behind by their grand father who was out  on carpentry job in a nearby — neighbour’s house.

Fatalities were identified as sublings Leny Joy, 5, and Elen Serdan, 3, who were left inside their house, located in a hilly side of the interior, making it impossible for firetrucks to enter.

The Dauin Fire Station received the alarm from the police station at 1:45pm, Saturday, Feb. 29, on the eve of  “fire prevention month of March.”.

Firefighters FO3 Rene Laguda and FO1 Junel Deposoy immediately responded to the fire scene but couldn’t not get close to the burning house. “Our firetruck couldn’t go near because the house was on top of a hill,” said FO3 Jeremy Gonzales, Dauin Fire Station spokesperson.

It was not immediately known where the children’s parents were. If they were living together with the kid’s grandpa

When the responders reached the scene, it was already levelled to the ground with the charred bodies of the victims at the center of the burnt house owned by their grandfather  Felicisimo Tromata.

Gonzales said Tromata was out working in a nearby house when the fire broke out.

Initial investigation revealed that the fire started at the living room as suppose to claims that it originated from the kitchen.

“The fire started at the middle of the house, near their room. At the living room area not from the kitchen which was not totally burned,” Gonzales said in Visayan.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the victims played with matches or a lighter which might have ignited the blaze.

Tromata leaves his grandchildren at their house when he goes to work.

Investigators are verifying allegations that Tromata locks his grandchild when he is out, which he immediately dismiss as speculations. If true, Gonzales said the grandfather may face charges of negligence or violation of the Violence Against Women and Their Children Act. (By CHRIS RYAN SOROTE)