Tricycle driver as drug peddler


DUMAGUETE CITY – This may not be isolated, but citizens should watch out for tricycle drivers who are now conveniently peddling if not delivering illegal drugs to users and buyers in Dumaguete and suburbs.

If this can happen here as it has happened here , the other towns could yet be worse when they are far from the watchful eyes of the police.

You can read the headline that the police has arrested tricycle driver in Dumaguete, caught selling if not conveniently delivery illegal drugs to customers around town.

When interrogated deeper, the police found out that this tricycle driver (certainly he could not be alone in the business) remits thousands of pesos to his “mother” in Manila and his wife is allegedly a customs broker in Manila too. Watta job.

We write this in the hope of citizens lending a watchful eye on these unscrupulous drivers of the city buggy a job which is just a sideline for his bigger and more illicit mission of drug peddling.

We are not saying all tricycle drivers, but certainly several among the 5000 tricycle drivers in Dumaguete could be drug peddlers.—and under the very noses of our police and anti drug enforcers.

So how do we catch these bastards who make a mockery of our law enforcement agents? Our two cents worth is: the PDEA or police should make random checks and buy-busts, plant a mole or an agent in the streets; use park’e boys as their assets, informants, who pretend to lead others to buy drugs from tricycle drivers. If the mole is good, he can be led to the drug peddlers with some buy bust money. This money should come from the intelligence funds of you-know-who.

Unless the tricycle-drug peddlers do not smoke pot or shabu and if they are wiser, then they can hardly be caught without violating human rights.

Just as tricycle drivers can be bugaws for prostis, so can they be agents of illegal drugs unless nipped in the bud by our authorities.