Towns PNP ready for reformed Tokhang


DUMAGUETE CITY – Police in the municipalities, not just in the cities, are now ready to implement the reformed TOKANG anti-drug operation with emphasis on humane treatment of drug users and pushers.

Best Municipal Police Station of Sibulan awardee headed by PSI Nelson Lamoco who got the award in 2015 said that so far none of only a few Sibulan’s 1,168 Tokhang surrenderees are now back again in the list of drug users in their barangays.

Blarangay captains are now being tapped to monitor Tokhang recidivists and will soon be visited by the Sibulan police team of only four personnel and no more, except witnesses. No more night drug raids Lamoco said.

Also among those to be advised are Sibulan’s youth offenders. Lamoco has clarified that on recored only two and not 41 youth offenders –as erlier reported — were arrested and charged . They were mostly akyat bahay teenagers.

Lamoco reported to Mayor Atty Pepe Abiera that crime has decreased in volume in this progressive town next to Dumaugete. Sibulan hosts the Dumatuete- Sibulan airport and so many PPA ports for passengers and cargoes to Cebu.

In 2017 last year Sibulan PNP was also awarded as the Best in Public Community relations municipal level recovered by PO1 Jan Sorreño-Gallo.

The latest crime stistics from Sibulan as reported by COP Lamoco are the following.