Towing & Clamping is long overdue

There was a time when the City Council was frantically crafting and ordinance that would tow and clamp illegally parked vehicles which was the only remedy for constant violators who recklessly park their vehicles along national highways and major city streets at the wrong time.

Since August when it was close to being passed, there was a conflict of this Karissa-authored law since clamping which would entail some fee to the violators might end up being towed if not claimed by the owner, and another fee will be imposed. This double-pay scene is yet to be resolved and the sooner the City Council will make up its mind, the longer those illegally parked vehicles in the highways will clog our main streets.

We urge the City Council to pass the towing and clamping ordinance A.S.A.P. because even the police and TMO traffic enforces could not maximize the sanctions for illegally parked vehicles.

More than anything, the city traffic enforcers, the TMO, the city police, and even the LTO they continue to issue citation tickets but violations continue unabated. There is also this opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish a private towing and or clamping business so that this ordinance will find some realization.

After five hours our illegally parking ones car, it is due for towing. Less than that it will be clamped and rendered immobile unless owner pays the fine. Even on this aspect, it needs to be fine-tuned in order to avoid legal complications.


In the meantime, the police and the highway patrol under Operation SITA continue to impound illegally driven motorbikes. But their enthusiasm catch violators and impound their motorbikes is hampered because nobody is assigned to tow dozens of motorbikes- violators due for impounding. The police (especially at night and dawn) end up the ones towing motorbikes one by one to the Talay impounding area which now becomes a cumbersome extra job for the police who still have other things to do.

Our two-cents worth of suggestion is that, the City will rent, or, as a civic gesture of businessmen who have cargo trucks loading supplies in downtown stores, we suggest that twenty or so of them will volunteer one day at a time, to take turns in lending their cargo trucks after 5pm for use by the police to load erring motorbikes on those trucks which will carry 30 to 40 impounded bikes nightly to the impounding area in Talay. Instead of the police doing this cumbersome job.

Besides, TMO personnel do not do overtime after 5pm. They all go home. So who will bring erring motorbikes to Talay impounding area?

We suggest that motor pool casuals or job order will do the job of helping load motorbikes on volunteer cargo trucks from 6pm to 6am to the impounding site. Unless done, there is now the present problem of the police and TMO and highway patrol how to bring these erring motorbikes to the impounding area in Talay.

It is now good enough that the police, TMO and highway patrol are doing their jobs. It behooves upon the City to maybe rent cargo trucks that will tow these motorbikes to the Talay impound area.

We call on the City Mayor to respond to this positive development. Unless done, getting rid of violators on the road will be a useless undertaking.

We feel confident that providing the police with a truck for impounding erring motorcycles will go a long way in educating the people in the proper care and operation of private vehicles along our city streets night and day.