Time management for busy people


People nowadays, as psychiatrists diagnose, develop the ailment as “Burntout- Syndrome because of too much activities and so many schedules to observe and to follow.

To avoid such stressrelated disorder and serious complaints like hypertension, palpitation, easy fatigability, headaches, hyperacidity, and breathlessness, here are ten tips to help you manage your time.

1. Make a PLANStart your day by making a general schedule with emphasis on 2 or 3 important things you like to accomplish. Prioritize them. To manage time is to control time.

2. CONCENTRATE. Do not be interrupted by doing too many things at once. (Otherwise, you’ll develop diarrhea) Do it piece-meal or think one thing at a time on the most important task.

3. TAKE A BREAK. Relieve tension by doing isometric exercises like walking around, changing from a sitting to a standing position, deep breathing, some stretching, all these can provide relief. (However, “taking a break” to most Filipinos is eating a heavy snack. However, going to the restroom is OK. You just take a light merienda, like eating a piece of banana is the best and recommended.

4. AVOID CLUTTER. A disarranged table and room could hinder concentration, creates tension and frustration. Put and use wastebasket near your table or in a corner of your room.

5. Don’t be a PERFECTIONIST. To strive for excellence is attainable, gratifying and healthy, but not for perfection, which is often unattainable, frustrating, and waste of time. (This is what we call neurotic, to us).

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “NO.” This is a timesaving attitude. Avoid counter-productive taskslike answering unimportant calls, uncalled for request. (“Paalayon”), etc. Don’t worry about offending others urgent and annoying priorities.

7. Don’t PROCRASTINATE. (The “Unya-ra-Habit”). This is a deeply rooted habit to most of us, Filipinos. By all means conquer this bad habit now! How? You’ve got to do the most unpleasant and difficult tasks immediately. Do not permit reason or exception- do it at once. Be tough. The rewards for success are priceless.

8. Apply “RADICAL SURGERY.” This sounds like a surgeon removing a cancerous growth. Please cut your time-wasting activities. eg., socializing, “tsismis” over the phone, watching your favorite T.V. program, listening to soapopera (bakya shows), reading comics, and other wasteful extracurricular activities. All these unnecessary things will sap your precious time and energy and divert you from you real goals. Stop them once and for all!

9. Learn to DELEGATE. You don’t have to be the “boss” (leader) all the time and does everything (A one-man-band). You may concentrate only on major decisions, but must educate and trust your subordinates and assign them some tasks to facilitate routine matters. This decision will certainly lessen your load and save your free time.

10. Don’t be a “WORKAHOLIC”. A workaholic is a guy who is addicted to his work (for money to get rich quick and for other desires) and refuses to relax and take vacation even on weekends. His wife and children are practically strangers to him. He is pretending and showing to the whole world that the sacrifices he is making are really for his family. A mere rationalization scheme. (Of course, he dies of heart attack, sooner!)

Above all, good time management involves an awareness that TODAY is all we have to work with, for the past is gone; the future is still a dream. A philosopher fittingly said: “Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is cash. Use it!” Don’t forget to PRAY AND TO THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING!