Think globally — act locally


Most of us are not in a position to make the entire world better. But everyone can help locally.

Part of what we can do is set a good example for others —— things such as positive attitudes, good self care, and recycling.

There’s no way of recycling straws — so just don’t use them. It’s easy to bring your own bags when you go shopping. Refuse the cellophane bags.

If you see somebody drop trash on the ground, pick it up and make sure they see you. Tell them we have a beautiful country and you want to keep it beautiful for our grandchildren!

And remember, don’t burn plastic. Don’t throw it in the river and don’t bury it! Volunteer to help recycling organizations.

Let your civic leaders know that re-using, repairing, and recycling are important to you. (Sometimes we can reuse something in a different way rather than throw it away. Waste plastic is being made into art and even to build houses.)