The worry-living society


Mental Health authorities have termed this present age as the “Age of Anxiety.” Anxiety is the basic cause of man’s apprehension, tension, depression, and all psychosomatic disorders in life. Psychologists basically call these conflicts as “stress.” The incessant and unresolved stresses in life are the perennial causes of man’s never ending worry cycle in life; thus, making him extremely insecure that would shorten his life. Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives one something to do, but it doesn’t get one any place. Hence, it kills one quicker than a stressful work!

People who are preoccupied with unresolved and serious problems will suffer from intractable insomnia which triggers off mental and emotional disorders and may result to severe depression, and if not treated will eventually become psychotic and might end to suicide.

Most insecure people are constantly worried about anything in this world. Psychiatrists term this personal conflict as neurosis. For example, a middle-aged woman who feels so insecure and worried when she would notice that her refrigerator is almost empty. She would become restless and couldn’t sleep, so much so that she has to rush out for grocery items.

The common worrying factors in life are:

  • When due bills are unsettled on time
  • When husbands come home late at night
  • When a family member is sick
  • When enrollment time is fast approaching

Minor or common problem are considered part of life by normal people who are positive thinkers, but for neurotic ones who have unrealistic or negative attitude would extremely suffer for worrying too much for anything.


For a healthy lifestyle, have a strong , positive and realistic attitude towards any problem in life.

Why worry? Be happy! “ Ang buhay ay weder, weder lang!”