“The soaring prices”

This is undeniable. The prices of everything have gone up. This could be felt by ev erybody and we have to blame the Duterte Administration. The present administration is the Duterte administration in whose hands the running of the government is temporarily entrusted.

History has shown that the poor are those who suffer most when there is a rise in food prices, whereas their income has not increased. The problem is that these increases will continue because of the economic policies of this administration. The French revolution which brought down the royalty in France was due to hungry crowd craving for bread to feed their empty stomach. Unless the Duterte Administration will do something to stop these increases in prices, it might cause riots and hungry mobs acting like animals seeking food to survive. The taxes are imposed on all manufactured products to finance the build, build, build, program of the government. Of course, when Joseph Estrada was the President of the Philippines when the prices of commodities went up, his economic czars explained that it is because of the law of supply and demand.

When the supply is low and the demand is high, naturally, there will be a rise in prices. The solution of President Estrada was simple. He had Congress amend or nullify the “law of supply and demand.”

Only history will tell whether the Duterte administration be successful or not. A real leader decides what is good for the people and will not follow the rule of the mob or the wishes of an excited people.