The power of positive emotions


Psychologists define emotion as the subjective feeling or response of our nervous system to a stimulus of one’s perception or thought resulting in a well-being or distress manifested by happiness or sadness. It is synonymous to mood or affect.

1. Love and Warmth
True love has the power to transform any negative emotion in your life.

2. Appreciation and Gratitude
Live a life filled with the expression of appreciation and gratitude.

3. Curiosity and Interest
“If you want to cure boredom, be curious.” Stay excited about all the new things that you learn in this world.

4. Excitement and Passion
“Passion is the unbridled power to move our lives forward.” Choose excitement and passion and observe!

5. Determination and Decision
“With determination, you can accomplish anything.” This is your will power. Go for it!

6. Flexibility and Adaptability
“The reed that bends will survive the windstorm, while the mighty oak tree will crack.” Practice flexibility in your life.

7. Confidence and Trust
“Unshakable confidence is the sense of certainty we all want even in situations never previously encountered.” Use your trust and practice your confidence.

8. Cheerfulness and Joy
“Transmit a sense of joy to those around you and you can have the strength to meet any challenge that comes your way.”

9. Vitality and Strength
“Take care of your physical body and make sure to maintain your strength and energy.” Get enough sleep, rest and exercise. Eat foods that nurture your body. Live a healthy lifestyle and avoid vices!

10. Contribution and Sharing
“The secret of living is giving.” Develop a reserve so you will always have more than enough to share with others who direly need them.

11. Service and Usefulness
No one is useless in this world that serves and lightens the burdens of another. To lend a helping hand to someone in need is considered the greatest happiness for it comes from an unselfish act.

12. Faith and Spirituality
“Without faith, life has no meaning. We cannot achieve true happiness in this world without God’s divine help and blessing.” Be a spiritual person and save your soul.