The new last bastion

Duterte vs Sereno
President Rodrigo Duterte to CJ Sereno, " I want you out! I am now your enemy!"


DUMAGUETE CITY – The growing word war between the number one man and the number one woman in the country, namely the president and the lady chief justice of the supreme court of the Philippines, does not look well to many people not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

In the first place, a gentleman does not call a lady his enemy even if he feels grieved because such is the gentleman’s role in a civilized society.

The worst part is if both man and woman are public servants and protagonists in the court case, much more if they are lawyers and indeed they are, then both should not take things personally and, instead, respect and submit to the rule of law.

President Duterte was criticized as heard in the network news but we know he will deny that he directed congress to expedite the ouster of the lady chief justice because indeed, technically speaking, the president merely expressed his desire by saying, “I want her out,” but strictly speaking it was not an order for congress.

But what made it sound like an order was the reply of the obedient speaker of the House who said that the president’s word will be complied immediately as soon as congress resumes. Question: Is this not an affront to the constitutionally mandated separation of powers between the executive and the legislative branches of government? Is the question not too obvious?

We are sick and tired of the rhetoric of people who will change their minds anyway in a day or two. As a result, so many people now take the words of the president with a grain of salt until he actually puts such words into actual action. In his own word, he says: “Just do it! “The reaction of other people is that: let it be done over with as soon as possible and let us see what happens after the quo warranto against the lady chief justice is resolved by her own colleagues, many of whom refused to inhibit in their Baguio hearing.

And if the QW case is dismissed then the senate impeachment will proceed. And if the QW case is upheld, will this removal of the lady chief justice be constitutional since the CJ can only be removed by impeachment? And if she is not qualified after all, then why did former Pres. PNoy appoint her? Whose fault is it that Sereno became the appointed chief justice? Blame the appointing power, not the appointed one.

And now that the president is open and vocal that he wants Sereno out as chief justice. How will the senate maintain its image of independence if they now feel being ordered by the president despite the separation of powers?

Let us not be led into a false confusion. Some people just want to confuse the issue. Let the senate decide independently because it now appears that the senate is now the last bastion of democracy no longer the Supreme Court, at least in the meantime.