The longest (14) days


The Enchanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) province-wide including the city’s ETMC Management or the Enhanced Traffic Mobility Control management which is due for completion on April 17 might get an extension of another l4 days until the end of April.

This will definitely be the longest fourteen (14) days for most people, of being closeted within their homes as a precaution by government, against the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic.

The situation in this city is unique because we in the city necessarily have to accommodate out-of towners instead of vice versa.

The city’s ETMC management is not a restriction but a regulation of movement in Dumaguete. It is not a quarantine but a regulation of people’s movement wherein people may get out of their houses but only for three reasons : buying food; buying medicine; and visiting a physician regardless of what kind of disease.

The red, blue and black passes are only one–color-pass for every household or clusters thereof which means that only one person may go marketing for the entire compound of X- units of apartment.

Yet the persons within that multi door apartments may go out of the house anytime, but only to buy medicine and food or see the doctor. The three passes are to be used alternately on different days or hours, so that people will not jampack the ten buildings of the central market at the same time.

What is important now is for barangay captains to strictly monitor who are sick with Covid symptoms, in their barangays but prefer not to go to a hospital because of economic reasons. Some are not also sure if they are covid positive.

Moreover, the RITM tests come quite very slow. Two have died, without seeing the test results, but which post mortem ironically indicated a negative. So what did the two die of? No one knows. THAT is the problem.

We don’t want “mona lisa patients who lie there and they die there.” Hospitals need the real test kits badly. You cannot just die without knowing what caused one’s physical death, much more with inaccurate details in the dotor’s death certificate.

The bad part is that covid suspects who die even without seeing their RITM results have to be cremated, and have to be buried immediately… and at who’s expense?. The city’s voluntary expense in the case of the Bindoy duo.

This is the problem facing Dumaguete today: the absence of enough test kits and —-like in all places, no cure for the virus. Therefore, people will just have to stay home for l4 days, which for some is enough time to kill any corona virus which might invade ones home, God Forbid.