The car of the future today


BY THE YEAR 2030, most of the vehicles on the Philippine streets will be electric. Even the most ardent disciples of the “internal combustion vehicles” agree that the era of the gasoline-driven vehicle will soon be coming to an end.

At the forefront of the “Great Electric Cars Takeover” is the reputed “most efficient electric car” manufactured by TESLA of Elon Musk (Model S)unofficially tagged by industry peers as a “ 9.4 on a scale of 10.” Even if its body has been shifted to lighter aluminum, it was given “the highest safety rating in automotive history”.

TESLA Model S is to the car industry what iPhone is to the mobile telephone.

Depending on the model range, prices go between US $35,000 to US $ 135,000 with the middle area tag of over P 5-Million. It is reputedly the best electric car on the road to date- roaring across Silicon Valley, California, and the West Coast and slowly to Washington and New York.

Ending its dependency on gasoline, the car is run by a battery (lithium) and an electric motor found under the car such that front hood hides a cavernous trunk. It is a speed demon that accelerates from a standstill “to 60 miles per hour within 2.4 seconds”.

Model S can traverse 315 miles in a single battery charge. All over the USA, thousands of “Superchargers” have been established by TESLA to enable the user to recharge his battery for 30 minutes for another 75 miles with the option of replacing his battery for a small additional fee – so one does not have to wait for charging time.

Without the oil and metals clanging of the old car, it runs smoothly and saves the environment the emission of carbon dioxide, a terror chemical that poisons the world’s fragile environment. It promises to liberate many nations from the tyranny of oil producers.

The upper model can seat 7 passengers with all three rows coming out of doors -which are now called Falcon Wings as they rise above the roof- often made of panoramic glass. The rear seats can be reversed so the kids can have a view of the road.

Put on autopilot, the car drives by itself-changing lanes, using satellite maps and can park itself. By a sensor device, the Model S can be summoned to fetch the rider on his location and can pre-cool or pre-heat the car before usage.

It will disable itself when the weather ahead is absolutely dangerous for land travel. Model S is armed with WIFI facilities, capturing music features in a classic 12 speakers around the car. It can also individually warm a seat without affecting the rest- for instance, heating only those seats of passengers suffering from colds.

A proud owner of one advance model Filipinos in California Ramon and Alice Alino said when on autopilot, “the car can sense when the “driver” is sleepy and not giving it feedback while his hands are on the wheels, so the steering makes some vibrations and then sets an alarm. When ignored because the driver is fast asleep, the car slows down, stops and parks by itself.”

TESLA’s Model S can likewise exercise climate control of the car and filters the air of environmental hazards in the car atmosphere. It can be adjusted to ride-height objectives and wheels change from large to medium depending on the terrain. Air suspension devices automatically adjust for rugged terrains and no brakes are needed to be stepped upon for it to decelerate at the desired pace. All that easy ride packed by a potential kick of 762 horsepower.

Many of the mainstream traditional car manufacturers are lurking behind the shadow- or is it the light?- of TESLA and are trying to design their own prototype copycats. But TESLA appears miles ahead of them.

The future is just around the corner. The gas -guzzling (20 miles per gallon of gas) pickups will be replaced by an electronically- driven one. The bully big bodied, fuel-emitting bus (king of the roads) will be replaced by small electric buses where there will be no aisles and doors opening for all passengers on any side.

All of the above are foreseen to be on the streets by 2020 alongside, electric cargo semi-trucks, shuttle vans, thrash trucks, and even self -driving taxicabs (as in electric UBER). And 2020 is just two years away. Parts of Europe have already taken notice.

The genius behind the electric car revolution which will soon be mass-marketed is the maverick thinker entrepreneur Elon Musk who has so many investors in tow, he does not see the need for TESLA to go really public in a major way.

A man who never quits and even though somewhat of a control freak, Musk is not primarily driven by money. He has spent his fortune after selling Paypal to help mankind: electric cars to clean the environment, solar energy as a renewable power source and his company Space X out to find ways for man to survive in space when the world writes finis.

Science fiction? Not really, It seems the future is happening now.

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