Negros Oriental Crime Rise Serious

NEGROS ORIENTAL – First, the killing of six policemen there a year back, then another killing of four policemen in Mabato, Ayungon July 9 and later in the week the killing of a prominent and respected lawyer in Guihulngan , Atty. Anthony Trinidad (Silliman Law Class 1993), who was well known in local court circles.

If he had links with the reds as the Inquirer sources  intimated, it could only be Anthony’s penchant to help the poor but not links to overthrow the government .  His role could be just like that doctor who is treating the wounds of a criminal killer and rapist. Does that mean that the doctor is a criminal or one who is sheltering a fugitive? Goodness naman!


Who ever started and caused that  fateful  call that caused the ambush and killing of six policemen certainly has triggered a killing field out of Guihulngan.  It has become a seemingly never ending string of vendettas between the government and rebel forces.

Have you seen the movie “Twelve Strong?”  In the US modern war strategy, even Russia, they do not send batallions of soldiers anymore to hot areas. Instead, they send a few elite force even one squad of  heavily armed   seal fighters, (for  the Special Forces)  to the hot spot, where they  will just command an air support to bomb enemy territories. In this manner, the operation will be less expensive, covert, sure fire, and less publicity and controversy.  It only needs good expert training, and a few good men, not hundreds of ill-trained neophytes who will just be causing more harm and collateral damage and embarrassment  to  the entire government.

The BREAKDOWN of the peace in Guihulngan is much caused by the lack of good effective and responsive local government presence and services.  In fairness, LGU people there including the congress representative are also fearful of their own security that they will not risk penetrating the hinterlands of Guihulngan and neighboring towns who by now are teeming with rebel supporters.  Why? Because of lack of government.

Where else will you expect  helpless civilians  will  go?  The rebs are inviting, recruiting, lecturing, training, helping, feeding, medicating, the masses . This should have been done by the LGUs.  Yet look at them. The LGUs  are full of body guards, their homes and offices barricaded like war zones, while the masa are left alone. Where do you expect the masa will go but to those who are inviting them? There is a need to overhaul LGU services in the north to make it more responsive and be loved by the people. Otherwise, there will be no end to this killing field scenarios.

In marketing, one old principle is that if your competitor is doing well and effective, analyze the reasons. It is either you imitate, duplicate, or improve his methodology.

Similarly in LGU governance. If the masses  are no longer supporting you and are now being recruited by the rebels, do not suppress them. Instead, offer them an attractive product and lure them to your side.

To use Pres. Duterte’s words:  If the idiots won’t do it the wise way, nothing will happen and the situation will get worse. Believe Mayor Duterte because he has handled and won a similar problem  in Davao, the biggest city in the Philippines.

Simlarly, Guihulngan is the biggest city in Negros Oriental. We need a Duterte-kind of mayor and leaders there. Otherwise, they  are fast losing Guihulngan to the rebs.  You do not need batallions to fight violent insurgents. You only need a few good men and experts passionate in their field. They should be  well armed, intelligent , calm, and focused. They will study and institute direct solutions without fanfare. Please, let the government try this method.