TestKITS only 60% accurate


Considering that the reliability and accuracy of covid19 testkits are still a little less than 60%, and therefore any test for covid19 at this time, is 40% inaccurate since doctors have hot yet perfected its testing efficacy.

So considering that its research and perfection is still far from acceptable levels, the current strategy of local doctors is to treat symptomatic cases as COVID19 in Dumguete and Negros Oriental, which is more practical even if far from being ideal, or none at all.

This was the observation of city mayor Felipe Remollo who however assured that he is seriously following up the application of Silliman Medical center and the Provincial Hospital for accreditation as a testing center for COVI19 in this pasrt of the country.

As it stands as of 20 April, and the coming weeks after that, all doctors were advised to treat symptomatic patients as covid cases as such even without waiting for testing results from Cebu because such pre-emptive strategy can be beneficial to the patient, rather than wait until kingdom come from Cebu when palliative treatment can be done here, since there is still no official cure for covid19 anywhere in the world as of 20 april.

To summarize the stand of the local medical world here, it is better to treat symptomatic patients aside from waiting for the results from Cebu. Time is of the essence if doctors have to wait for Cebu results, coupled with the lockdown on transportation, the internet could become a necessary option.

But thank God, except for two symptomatic patients now confined at the isolation rooms of the province, who also had recent trips abroad, the frontliners in the civilian sectors and the government have been able to apparently clamp the spread of possible virus which could just be lurking undetected with a-symptomatic victims. That is why the best option for a medically handicap community against covic, is to STAY HOME AND NOT ALLOW THE VIRUS A CHANCE TO SPREAD AND OR CONTAMINATE OTHERS.

MEANWHIHLE, THE SCORE AS OF 20 APRIL IS 6499 CONFIRMED CASES in the Philippines or 16 new cases average everyday….428 deaths with an average of 16 deaths everyday…..and 613 recovered with an average of 52 recoveries every day in the Philippines.

Again, our handicap in Negros Island is that we have to send our swab tests to Cebu and it takes 4 days to confirm or negate a case….if ever test kits will arrive here in abundance, as it is being ordered long time ago, only the symptomatic cases should be tested, and those without symptoms or asymptomatic should refrain from getting testes to avoid unnecessary trauma and anxiety as the testing is only 60% accurate and cannot yet be relied upon absolutely.