Tanods need to know laws & ordinances


ONE RESCUE emergency response for Dumaguete will receive two additional am-bulances from the Silliman alumni groups in North California making a total now of four ambulances to respond to emergencies. But people need to be aware of emergency numbers to call and the poorer ones be given more preference.

ONE RESCUE adunay mapaabot nga dugang duha ka ambulansya nga gidonar sa Silliman Northern California chapter ambulance service og sa alumni association didtong dapita

SEVENTY PERCENT of One RESCUE  responses are mostly road accidents, thus the national law on the  use of helmets for motorcyclists should be more than emphasized.

  1. 70 porsiento sa girespondehan sa ONE RESCUE mga aksidente sa dalan, busa gikalipay ang kampanya pagpatuman sa balaod sa helmet.

NEED FOR BARANGAY TANODS all over,  to be more educated on laws and ordinances so that their patrol times during the day or night could be more than put to use.

  1. Balaodnon giduso nga nagmando sa mga brgy tanods pagpatuman sa mga ordinansa dinhi sa dumaguete.

PERFORMANCE OF CITY’S BLUE GUARDS from a private security agency needs even more evaluation especially in crime detection and prevention

  1. Kontrata sa security agency sa city hall kasamtangan pa nga giquestion bisan kon giuyonan na sa bids and awards committee.

CITY’S POLICE FORCE NEED AUGMENTATION  in view of the growing incidence of crime in Dumaguete and suburbs.  But  police should be more attuned to the terrain and nooks and corners of the city to be more effecrive.

  1. Kapolisan sa lalawigan possibleng dugangan isip resulta sa senate inquiry niadtong Martes.

A YOUTH CODE FOR DUMAGUETE MILLENIALS is being mulled by the City Council  headed by Presiding Officer Vice Mayor Alan Cordova. This is to suit the specific need to monitor and mould the ever growing  consciousness of millennial rights and even LGBT and SOGIE concerns.

  1. Youth code aprubado sa ikatulong pagbasa

SENIOR CITIZENS WILL SOON RECEIVE P500 MORE in their monthly and quarterly pensions yet not all of the 17,000 senior citizens are getting what is due them because many are also getting outside support from OFW kins and relatives

  1. Senior citizens makadawat og dugang 500 ka pesos kada tuig pinaagi sa ordinansa na napasar sa konseho

THE CITY ENVIORNMENT DEPT is CRITICIZED FOR NOT SPEEDILY ACTING on the state of calamity status due to rise of Degue cases in the city and other health and environmental concerns.

  1. Enro gigisal sa konseho, tungod kay bisan nadeklarar nga state of calamity walay nausob, nanimaho lang gihapon ang basurahan

TRASH BIN ALONG SIDE STREETS are being mulled in order to improve sanitation. Many people just throw their garbage and trash along the roads and by ways.

  1. Ordinansa giduso nga magbutang og mga trash bins kon basurahan daplin sa kadalanan