Tanjay poll heats up; TUO party launched

Top-left: Challenger Daryll Aba; Top-right: Reelectionist Mayor Reycon Concepcion

Tanjay City is feeling the election heat coming on the heels of the launching of the Tanjay United Opposition (TUO) party last October 16 in Hotel de Tanjay,with full endorsement by Gov Roel Degamo who attended the launching.

On the other hand, the administration ticket led by Reelectionist Mayor Reynaldo “ReyCons”Concepcion, remains unfazed by challenges of the young opposition group led by first-term Councilor and Mayoral candidate, Daryll Aba alongside the city’s former Vice-Mayor and Councilor, Neil Salma, who seeks to reclaim the Vice-Mayorship of Tanjay.

During the launch, Aba intimated his initial hesitation to go against the incumbent leadership especially since Mayor ReyCons remains popular among Tanjayanons. “Dili ni kabahin ug ambisyon kon dili obligasyon (It is not about ambition but obligation), “Aba said in an interview with Negros Chronicle. “Obligado ko sa atong dakbayan kung diin gihura ko ninyo niadtong miaging pinili-ay nga kamo akong paga-serbisyohan, tinud-anay para sa Tanjay, mao nang ani-a ko karun nibarog atubangan ni Goliath (By choosing me during the previous election, I am obligated to offer genuine service to Tanjay City which is why I am now standing against Goliath),” he further said.

Significantly adding credence to the newly-formed political group is the endorsement of Governor Roel Ragay Degamo who was present during the launch. “Ni tu-o ko nga mao ni ang pagbag-o nga gikinahanglan sa Tanjay (I believe this is the change that Tanjay needs),” the Governor said.

Mayor ReyCons, for his part, stated that he does not believe that TUO is truly representative of the opposition. In an interview with Negros Chronicle, he cited as examples Col. Juanito Condes, Dr. Rolando “Okidok” Tabaloc, and Uldirico Bobbit Ramirez, all incumbent councilors and vocal oppositionists, who, instead of joining TUO, the supposed party for the opposition, opted to support his candidacy and will run for another term as councilors in his slate.

He was also quick to dismiss insinuations of corruption during his administration. “Ang pinakasakto nga office nga mutubag regarding corruption is ang COA (Commission on Audit) (COA is the proper office that can respond to allegations of corruption),” Mayor Reycons said. “In fact, pangutan-on man gani ko kung asa nako gikuha ang salapi nga gigasto alang sa atong dakbayan (I am even asked where I get the funds to spend for our city), “he added. He also remains confident that the majority of Tanjayanons are contented with the changes he has brought to the city.

“Sa akong unang termino, dili na magdugay ang pagbiyahe gikan Sto. Nino down to Palanas kay sementado na man ni (In my first term, travel time between Sto. Nino and Palanas has been shortened because it is now cemented),” the Mayor said. “By next month, pagatukuron na ang atong General Hospital and later on, pagasugdan na gayud ang atong Rizal Park human ang bidding process (Building of the Tanjay City’s General Hospital will start next month and will be followed by the construction of Rizal Park after the completion of the bidding process),” he also said.

If the adversarial back-and-forth is any indication of what is to come, Tanjay City is poised to face yet another heated mid-term election in May. On one hand, TUO is in it for the long haul as they prepare to face the current powers-that-be. “Andam na mi makigbugno ug unsay mapakita nato kay lisud kaayo ang atong kahimtang nga taga-Tanjay ug nasayod mo niana (We are ready to show what we have got because of our difficult situation which Tanjayanons are aware of), Aba said.

On the other, Mayor Reycons vowed to fulfill the campaign promises he made back in 2016. “Akong paningkamutan nga matuman ang akong saad nga kung ako mupungko nga mayor sa atong dakbayan, padayun ang akong pagserbisyo ug unta musalig pa gayud mo nako harun maipakita pa gayud nako ang kaya nakong mabuhat (I will strive to fulfill my vow of genuine service if I will be elected as Mayor and I hope you will still trust me so that I can continue to show you more of what I am capable of doing),” Mayor Reycons said. (LSR)