Tanjay forum vs. shabu and terrorism

The Achiever Troopers led by COL NOEL T BALUYAN INF (GSC) PA, Commander joined the “Symposium on Anti-Illegal Drugs and Anti-Terrorism” initiated by Tanjay City Advisory Council headed by DR. ROMULO T MIRASOL, Chairman.

The goals of the Symposium want: 1) To inform and orient the students regarding the insurgent exploitation and other destructive influence/activities of the CPP-NPA-NDF; 2) To Isolate the students/youth from the deceptive recruitment strategy of the CPP-NPA-Terrorists (CNTs); 3)  To provide information about the dangers and Drug misuse to the general public; 4) To provide information which enables people to make the right choices and encourage more open communication between parents and children.

COL BALUYAN encouraged the students to help the government in ending the insurgency and said: “I urge you, as students and youth of this country, to be vigilant and be discerning in joining Militant organizations in your school. This is because the terrorists have mastered the art of deception.” (KHADAFFY TAWANTAWAN).