SU boosts links on environment

Newly installed Silliman president Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann announced that her 5-year administration will focus on Silliman University’s role in preserving and promoting a healthy environment thru domestic and international linkages.

In an exclusive CHRONICLE interview, Dr McCann said that the approach in achieving such goal is thru updated programs, investing on people, and building strong partnerships with universities, and institutions in Southeast Asia , Europe and the UK, aside from the U.S.

“Silliman is too U.S. oriented and besides keeping that great tradition, Silliman will now move its radars to Europe and UK because these are healthY areas which SU has not yet exhaustively explored, “ she said.

She also announced the appointment of the new Director for Strategic Partnerships in the person of Dr Jennylind Elmaco who recently had extensive exposures in Europe and UK where she engaged herself in her dissertations.

Dr Elmaco has been an active Sillimanian and student leader in her days and is now back to serve the University. She is also a former columnist of the Negros CHRONICLE , writing her articles online from Europe while pursuing her doctorate studies. During her college days she also was a student announcer over DYEM fm in the program “Campus Bulletin.”

PROGRAMS: Silliman will pursue coherent frameworks and programs that will make this institution “a champion for preserving and protecting the environment.”

Therefore , Dr McCann said, its curriculum has to conform with 21 st century cyber and digital technology in the matter of monitoring and getting connected with the concerns of climate change, air pollution, garbage disposal, corral reef preservation and many others.

PEOPLE: SU will build frameworks and integrate international research with domestic trends . Its faculty and staff will have to be re-tooled, and re-skilled into the psyche of the millennial so as to make education attractive to their generation, McCann said.

PARTNRSHIP: Silliman’s radars will now focus on strategic and international linkages especially in Europe and UK aside from our traditional “ U.S. connections “ Silliman being founded by Chrisitan American missionaries.

McCann said Silliman University will now be boosting its academic International connections in Southeast Asia where she also worked as head of the South Pacific panel of the United Board of Christian Higher Education in Asia.


Dr McCann welcomed with enthusiasm Silliman’s improved partnerships with the community especially on environment.

She said that Silliman leads the way in the proper disposal of garbage, the ban on the use of plastics and plastic straws on campus, and the pursuit of Zero Waste Management, which SU has already pursued many years back.

She said, SU is only much too willing to partner with the City of Dumaguete and the province of Negros Oriental in promoting garbage segregation in the household level thru massive information drives thru its outreach programs.

She specifically supported the zero waste programs of the City government intimating that SU students will just be to willing to link with such city-initiated programs for the environment.

“With these three aspects: programs, people and partnerships, these would be more than enough to keep our hands full within the next five years of my Silliman administration,” McCann concluded.

The full length interview with SU Pres. McCann was aired and soon replayed over DYEM BAI RADIO in its prime time talk show “Crosstalk” heard at 730am , 12noon and 7pm Mondays thru Saturdays and “Bible Crosstalk” on Sundays at 8pm.