Strategic Barrio Water Reservoirs

DUMAGUETE CITY – Newly assumed city fire marshall Chief Inspector Manases Bautista  of the Bureau of Fire Protection is urging LGUs and barangay units to allocate funds from the IRA annually even by installments to build as 12,000-gallon water reservoir in strategic barrios of Dumaguete in the north, south , east, central and west, so that when the City expands in the future, there will be enough supply of water especially in times of emergencies.

An endless supply of spring water is sprouting in Tubod area near the Solon Pamela property along Hibbard street .It is now being used by Solon for business to supply drinking  water to boats docked at the pier.

The Barrio Water Reservoirs will be similar to that in Colon street near the belfry tower which is always full , 24/7  so that the city’s 11,000-gallon water tank truck  can easily fill itself up in cases of emergency plust the low-pressured fire hydrants of the water district.

Below the reservoirs in the barrios will be their fire-sub station which the LGU barrios can easily purchase by installment from the IRAs. It will virtually keep the barrios safe from accidental fires, especially at night,—and  forever.

Meanwhile the Bureau of Fire Protection BFP assured that if some landed  barrio resident can donate even just 300 square meters of idle land for a fire-substation, the BFP has a budget of P9Million to build such fire-sub station in strategic barrios of the city.

What with the City’s master plan of expanding to the outskirts of the City where City Hall and the main markets will be located , such as in Bajumpandan or Canawinonan.

This is not an impossible task. A little political will and a foresight for the future will go a long way in protecting our communities from accidental fires in the future.

Better be prepared than sorry.  A friendly forecast-reminder on the Fire Prevention Month of March. (EPD)