Stop and Pray: a Lenten Message


The Covid 2019 pandemic has caused so much misery and fear all over the world.  People are kept in their homes in self-isolation or mandated quarantine.  Fear of contamination has stoked everyone – political leaders, health care professionals, people from all walks of life. Gradually, working remotely or working at home has become the protocol in some companies.

Yet for those in the frontlines – healthcare professionals, grocery workers, those in the public utilities and garbage disposal businesses and others, they have little choice but to do their duty and serve patients and customers.  We salute them, we honor them as they risk their lives doing their jobs at this time of the pandemic.

Unlike other epidemics that have come our way such as SARS and MERS, this one has so far been the most virulent and contagious.   In the Philippines, we now have 636 cases, with 26 recoveries and 38 deaths (, March 26, 2020).  Now the big question is:  when will the medicine that can cure this virus become available?

While our scientists race to find a cure and  vaccine in time to curb the pandemic, this is a good time to take a break from our regular routines and reflect on the lessons this has taught us.  There are many but we can focus on a few key points. It showed us that no one is exempt from this viral infestation – not the powerful, not the popular celebrities, not the wealthy, not even the healthiest.  There are no borders to speak of with this pandemic. Thus, it is important that we strictly follow all the orders of the government to isolate communities and implement lockdown policies.

Apart from following orders, there is the need to show understanding and compassion never before shown as we fight a common and invisible enemy that threatens all of us. Let us share and not hoard and  act responsibly at all times: follow hygienic practices and at this digital age, refrain from spreading fake/unverified information.

During this most distressing time, let us remember that there is a Higher Power who rules our universe. Let us bow down in all  humility and pray that this cup of suffering be taken away. In the history of salvation, God has never failed to protect His people when they sought Him with all their heart.

God is our source of strength and power.  He is our ultimate healer.  So, humbling ourselves before Him, we pray for healing and mercy and for Him to welcome us back into His loving arms.