Speakership: for Sale?


It’s amazing as it is unbelievable that even the Speakership of the House of Representatives is for SALE! What does the Filipino not sell?

And the on-going price they say is from half a million to a million pesos!

Now that there is a mad scramble for the position, all sort of stories come out, including that of the highest bidder issue!

Now it can really be told that Congress is a big business.

No stupid man will ran for Congress with making laws as his or her ONLY goal. To be safe — there are exceptions whom we ought to know.

Come to think of it, in a three-year term of three terms, what laws really have your congressmen passed? Don’t talk about bills because it can be made from kingdom come without seeing the light of day. Of course they are too eager to sign as co-authors but we are talking of original legislations.

But we have more than enough laws. With only few being implemented. People spend millions to become legislators purportedly to make laws but do they really? Now we hear of speaker-ambitious lawmen who are willng to spend half to one million pesos just to get a vote for his speakership. What is so juicy about the position?

THIS PARTY LIST stupidity:

Out of the 63million voters, only 27million voted for a party list candidate. This means that the people overwhelmingly REJECT the reality of the party list system.

Yes, the objective is good: to enable those marginalized sectors to be represented in Congress, meaning the poor.

But look at the millionaires who are running for party list representatives. Either they think the voters as stupid, or they themselves are.

The resounding REJECTION with only 43 percent voting for party list shows that the people do not favour the kind party list system where mostly the rich get elected.

Worse, they never can pass laws without patting the backs of big-time congressmen to gain support. So what is really their use? We the taxpayers want the party list system abolished so we can at least save the money and that could run into billions.

The embarrassing results in the party list election should be more than enough proof to show that the system is not working. It can never take off because the party list representatives also need the support of regular legislators in order to pass legislation. And vice versa.

If you ask one party list rep. we don’t know if he has passed any legislation at all. Not all are just there to fund their sectors of their budget allocations but nunca on legislations.