Slow bounce back of local industries

TWO FULL-SPAN BRIDGES CONNECTING the City's interior barangays is almost done. Seen are heavy equipment rushing the work to be finished before Christmas. Soon the big rampaging Banica River can no longer overflow thru city roads.

The local governments  are now trying to  reactivate  the small industries thru the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises MSMEs Development Council (MSMEDC) —or whatever is left of it,  after the rise of the pandemic three months ago which has caused a big slump on the  economy.

The entrepreneurs of the province which fall under the micro, small and medium met in a  hastily called  Summit at the capitol convention center   to help strengthen and encourage MSMEs to  bounce back economically  and recover of what’s le3ft of it  from the impact of COVID 19.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo recently spoke before major stakeholders of the local ICT Industry to share his plans to support IT investments and BPO companies in Dumaguete City in view of the city’s continued inclusion in the Next Wave Cities classification, as announced on June 30, 2020.

To celebrate this feat and in line with the 11th Anniversary of ICT Association of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental, the organization hosted a Webinar.

First on priority list is food impact, and agricultural replanting…on how people can  start sustaining themselves  despite the economic slump down. Many have not yet  reported back to work due to the labor slow down

The Tourism, transportation and  agriculture sector are the hardest hit in the province.

These sectors have  highlighted the province’s economic  ventures and  programs to increase rice and corn productivity being the staple food of the residents, increase poultry and livestock productivity as well as vegetable production.

Local tourism is first encouraged before the national and international domestic market returns even with still much uncertainty ….the forecast is just to look after Christmas for a possible come back to economic mainstream.  But even with the gift giving spree on Christmas, the economic slump could extend up to March next year.

Negros Oriental could yet be among  the first among provinces,  to  re-activate its micro medium and small industries through  Executive Order 24 series of 2020 in  reconstituting the  MSME industries  to promote, support, strengthen, and encourage the growth and development   as catalysts of employment generation, self-sufficiency, and economic recovery.

“DOLE also admitted that not a single industry, meaning private industry has returned to its old  income level.  Most if not every industry is operating at a loss because  labor inputes have also not returned to normal.

Supplies and materials have not resumed regular shipment. Air cargo service itself today in mid-July still takes two weeks to arrive in what should have been 24 hours only.  Taking the plane with social distancing  makes it a losing proposition to resume regular flights. No one is allowed to travel without  health and covid clearances otherwise, they cannot cross borders yet.  Every arrival from outside the province has to go on l4 day quarantine even if they have Covid health clearances from DOH.