Sinopsis historica


As parish priest of Zamboanguita, Fr. Licinio Ruiz administered 171 baptisms in 1908, 282 in 1909, 304 in 1910, 190 in 1911, 230 in 1912, and 73 in 1913.

He was also recorded having solemnized 35 marriages in 1908, 38 in 1909, 59 in 1910, 32 in 1911, 37 in 1912, and 17 in 1913. In a visit to Dumaguete in 1909, he performed six baptisms.

From the 1st day of March to the month of December 1916, Fr. Ruiz in Lazi, Siquijor administered 645 baptisms, celebrated 112 funeral masses and solemnized 172 marriages.

Due to a lingering illness in the Island of Siquijor in December 1917, Fr. Licinio Ruiz had no choice but again to seek medical help in Manila. A short while after, he was back to Cebu.

Fast forward to 1922, he was named the Recollect chronicler of the Philippine Province. In 1925, he was re-elected to the same office while at this same time serving as assistant to the Superior in Manila. From 1928 onwards, he was entrusted with the parish of Bacolod while acting also as Vicar Forane of that district.

Sometime in January 1939, he began to spend his retirement in Manila until June 1940 when he was transferred to Cebu as interim Superior. Serving in that capacity, he died on 11 September 1941 caused by a liver disease.

As an Augustinian Recollect chronicler of the Philippine Province, Fr. Licinio Ruiz caused to publish Sinopsis histórica de la Provincia de San Nicolás de las Islas Filipinas de la Orden de Agustinos Recoletos.

Published by Tip. Pont. De la Universidad de Sto. Tomás, Manila in 1925, Sinopsis histórica … was a monumental work of two volumes, measured at 205 x 140 mm. Volume I had 783 pages, while Volume II had 557 pages.

In chapter IV of volume II, the historical notes on Negros Island titled “Misiones de la Isla de Negros” are found in pages 120-182. Let it now be known that this piece of work by Fr. Licinio Ruiz was the source of a mimeographed pamphlet titled “Missionary Work of the Augustinian Recollect Fathers in the Island of Negros.”