Silliman suspends grad, honors rites; Don Bosco disinfect

The university town of Dumguete will virtually be losing its traditional academic zest with the suspension of classes and most of its academic activities including sports competitions  at least for a month.

These scholastic events usually make Dumaguete tick during closing ceremonies at the start of the summer months.

But sadly the corona virus scare of COVID19 has prompted local officials both in the civic and academic fronts to temporarily shut down  such colorful activities of this university town of Dumaguete for the safety of all students.


Silliman University announced the cancellation of Honors Day, Commencement Exercises, and other related activities from pre-school to post-graduate levels.

This is out of abundance of caution and in accordance with Executive Order No. 16 issued by Governor Roel R. Degamo dated March 11, 2020 relating to the reported spike of COVID-19 cases in the country and the threat of local transmission.

Other off-classroom events that require mass gatherings are also cancelled effective Thursday, March 12, 2020. For graduating students, they may obtain their diplomas and transcript of records from the Registrar and Admissions Office upon compliance with all the requirements for graduation and completion of all clearances.


This year’s graduates may participate in next year’s graduation ceremonies. For honor students, they may obtain their certificates and medals from the Registrar and Admissions Office. The list of honor and graduating students shall be published by the Office of Information and Publications.

The SU Community was advised to be vigilant, cooperative, and compliant in observing all precautionary measures stated in previous memos and advisories.

MEANWHILE,  St Louis School Don Bosco suspended classes  Friday March 13     in order to conduct  a school-wide cleaning and intensified disinfection  and sanitation up to the week end. The entire campus will be closed.

According to Fr Norman Broderick Segovia, school rector, during the 3·day break (Friday-Sunday),  all students must stay at home. They should not be allowed to go 1.0 the malls and other crowded places. At the same time, NO group performance activities and/or practices are allowed he said.

School principal Estelita Duran said, starting tomorrow Monday, March 16, all students and personnel will undergo thermal scanning In the campus. If medical authorities find them with fever, then the school will call the parents to fetch their child/children and send them home, she added.

Joseph Wilmer Lasola, assistant principal said,  as stipulated by DepEd Memo /I 034, s, 2020, learners exhibiting respiratory infections must not  attend activities/classes within the school. They  advised parents to let them stay at home.