Silliman Spirit

silliman spirit su church

Those who have passed the portals of Silliman University will agree with me that there is such a thing as Silliman Spirit.

What is Silliman Spirit? It is beyond definition. Only those who have spent time at Silliman University will understand what it is.

I know so many stories where, by accident, they found each other to be Sillimanians and BINGO, from that time on, they find support for each other, congeniality starts right there, and they are willing to help each other because of the Silliman Spirit.

Silliman Founder’s Day is time for reunions and time to meet friends you have not met for so many years that you hardly recognize them until they ask you, “Do you recognize me?” And that will start the memories that you spent together at Silliman. There was an elderly Sillimanian who was suffering from loss of memory and got lost. Every member of the family started looking for him and somebody advised them to look for the place where he was happy memories. They looked for him in Silliman and they found him in the campus.

Once again, Sillimanians flock to their beloved Alma Mater. And the truth and faith she gave us has remained our guiding star.