Silliman honors 13 Heritage Builders for 2019

Thirteen names of long-serving faculty and staff of Silliman University who have passed on will be unveiled in a solemn ceremony on August 23, 2019, 3 PM, at the Silliman Hall. Their names are etched in plates and will be added to the list of personnel previously honored on the Heritage Builders Wall, located at the south lawn of the Silliman Hall.

This yearly event, honors and acknowledges Silliman missionaries, administrators, faculty, and staff members who have echoed the generous service of President Emeritus David Sutherland Hibbard and Professor Emeritus Laura Hibbard in leading pioneering missions within a length of service which paved the way to a glorious Silliman campus life and the endless pursuit of institutional excellence. The Hibbard’s gift of service and that of the 2019 HERITAGE BUILDERS have come together to form a common story: the Classroom, the Court, the Community, and in Culture – basic building blocks for the Silliman brand of Character, Competence, and Faith.

At Silliman, our heritage builders received not only the opportunity to serve; they received a life transforming faith. A faith which they professed, have passed on, and lives on, reverberating through the halls of Silliman University. This is the Silliman Spirit. It survives structures and monuments, because it builds much more; it builds up people’s lives. We praise and thank God for all of Silliman’s Heritage Builders.

This year’s honorees are:

  • Eutiquio C. Arcamo(1949 – 1973)
    Driver/Mechanic, Buildings and Grounds Department
  • Clemente V. Espejo(1957 – 1971)
    Staff, Office of Development
  • Genoveva B. Espejo(1956 – 1971)
    Matron, Oriental Hall
  • Delfin D. Estolloso(1947 – 1973)
    Associate Professor, College of Education
  • Priscilla S. Estolloso(1949 – 1963)
    Principal, Elementary School
  • Jose Go Q. Koppin(1947 – 1972)
    Associate Professor, Physics Dept.
  • Simplicio O. Mamicpic(1948 – 1967)
    Assistant Professor, English Dept.
  • Elena G. Maquiso(1952 – 1979)
    Professor, Divinity School
  • Demetrio R. Navarro Sr.(1947 – 1970)
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • James A. Palmore(1949 – 1987)
    Administrator, SU Medical Center
  • Miriam G. Palmore(1949 – 1972)
    Associate Professor, School of Music
  • Luis T. Siglos(1946 – 1978)
    Male Aide, SU Medical Center
  • Pio F. Talavera(1954 – 1973)
    Head, Housekeeping, SU Medical Center