Seniors favoritism claims are worth investigating


Some P3.5Million pesos in cash were distrib-uted this week to 2,335 senior citizens to the exclusion of over 14,000 duly registered senior old people because of alleged lack of funds. True or false?

While we understand the persistent lack of it, we are also disturbed by the persistent claims and complaints that there are senior citizens who are allegedly not indigents, who are receiving help from children and kins here or abroad, and are living comfortably compared to others, and yet are receiving social pensions, to the exclusion of poorer ones who have nothing. That’s bad if true.

There is a move to go house to house and check the real conditions of these beneficiaries of the senior social pensions because it is not good to use public money at the expense of others.

WE empathize with these senior citizens who have nothing and still receive nothing from government who keep on putting them in the waiting list.

We do not want to make conclusions but we are looking at smoke here. There must be fire somewhere. These are not isolated complaints but prevalent ones.

We say it is a valid complaint, and should b e worth investigating by an impartial body, not the DSWD please. Maybe by some volunteer NGOs who might have the heart to do a volunteer probe.

POLITICS….. in the city coalition and that of the province may not be as hotly contested. But again, if a Trojan horse is silently creeping with lots of monitary ammunition to buy votes in the last minute, should be a concern to those who are trying to play it clean.

Elections in Dumaguete have always been above par although we hear of vote buyings as high as P700per voter. But not as high as Siquijor or Dipolog where we hear is nearing P5000 per voter , to be conservative about it. How can one win and not steal people’s money if he bought his way to office at P5000 per voter? Simply inconceivable.

We hate to say this but we cannot understand William Ablong who was endorsed by his political godfather Sagar to be a councillor bet and yet, suddenly embarrassed Sagar by suddenly announcing he will run for mayor. Running for mayor is not a cheap enterprise. You mean Ablong will self-finance his quest for mayorship of this city as an independent? But how and by what means? Please, will someone explain? We respect William. He is capable and qualified. He even became vice mayor and city administrator. A good and loyal employee. A shepherd of a big flock. A good one at that.— But mayor? …Why not?

The vice mayorship should be an interesting ballgame. Alan Gel also bolted his mother party from Ipe Remollo to run as independent vice mayor. Well, Alan has a record of winning as an independent councillor. So why not as vice mayor? And the time is now when JJ Esmena the incumbent is part of the minority and Allan, now belongs to the majority. If he is planted by the majority just to topple JJE, then that makes the story interesting to find out. Well, is Ablong also not planted by the other party to topple IPe? Good question. Sensible strategy.

We commented in our editorial that our local provincial and municipal leaders should intervene to stop the senseless killings in Guihulngan . The killings never stopped since the ambush of six policemen dead two years ago. Gov Degamo expressed his concern, but up to where is his concern? How about their congress representative who should call on the national agencies to help bring about peace? Pres Duterte came to console the families of the dead policemen. Then the killings never stopped since then. Maybe President Digong should come again, or should intervene.

The bottom line is insurgency. As long as the roots and causes of rebellion are present, so will insurgency especially among the die-hard ideologues many of whom are also our long time friends since the Marcos dictatorship.

Over in the City, next year should be time to fulfil Remollo’s promises meaning, execution and completion of his plans. –big big plans. For his critics, since the plans are big, it should take some time. Small plans, easy come. For big plans, strong foundations are necessary and before May 13, we should see major results if the man wants to be re-elected. Concrete results of his plans. Completion may be hard to guess.

Cong Sagar of the second congressional district, made the right decision to merge dreams with City Mayor Ipe. After all, they started this together. With this set up, Sagar can channel congressional budgets for city infra and make a mark for his district. Sagar looks at the bigger picture while IPe focuses on Dumaguete. What took them this long?