Send in the clowns


The circus master will order “to send in clowns”, during the circus so that the attention of the audience will be diverted on the clowns, instead of the focusing on the problem during the circus.  This is what is actually happening to this campaign period.  If you listen to the candidates, you will really get amused because they have different reasons why they are running for a public office.  The truth of the matter is that they are jobless and they want to be elected to public office because of the emoluments of the office.

Mar Roxas is running for Senator, claiming that he is an “economist.”  “Sagot kita, Itaga mo sa Bato, this is the campaign slogan of Ronald “Bato” De La Rosa. Imee Marcos – the daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the alleged biggest thief of the world is running under the group of President Duterte and Sarah Duterte – the daughter of President Duterte, under the group known as “Hugpong ng  Pagbabago”, the party of President Duterte for “change.”

How can it be a “party for change” or “hugpong pagbabago”, when one of the candidates is  Imee Marcos – the daughter of the late Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos?

Another Hugpong ng Pagbabago candidate is J.V. Ejercito, the son of Joseph Estrada.

If we have a two party system, like in the United States of America, it is easy for the public to identify the blame because, we have the Republican or the Democratic Party.  But under the multi party system, it is hard for the people to identify the blame.  At the time of inflation in the economy and considering all the problems of the country, election comes at the right time.  It is like calling in the clowns.  This election will surely entertain the people.

Definitely, we have so many clowns in this election.