Self encouragement


As created human beings in this world, God the Father has given us the chance and opportunity to improve ourselves for healthful selfprojection so as to adjust our way of life.

Benevolent authorities have suggested positive ways in encouraging ourselves to a worthwhile living. These are the steps:

· Use foresight and clear thinking.

· Live in the present, but look toward your goal.

· Seize opportunities to improve yourself now.

· Develop insight into yourself to check negative feelings and rise above them.

· Concentrate on compassion for yourself and for others.

· Forget yesterday’s trials; remember the good things in your life.

· Try to relax. You can if you live its principles. If you see yourself at your best, not at your worst, and if you keep up with yourself, you will be able to relax and be at peace.

· Never forget to pray for yourself and for others.

· Be thankful for all the good things in life.