Self-defeating behaviors


What is a self-de feating behav ior? This is when we do things to make life harder. Here are a few signs to look out for:

1. Avoiding work in favor of play. When there’s work to do, you should be doing it. Sometimes we spend hours of our day looking at email, posting on social media, and talking on the phone with family and friends, but we fail to approach our problems and work on solutions.

We just keep putting things off for another day in favor of forgetting our important goals. To save yourself a lot of grief, you must switch your priorities and focus on your work.

2. When you have work to do, stop engaging in small talk, jokes, or gossip with coworkers or friends.

Treat your time as a precious jewel and tell people No when they want to do other things. Stop letting others tell you what you should be doing, and instead, tell them what you WILL BE doing.

3. You’re always giving up I know life gets incredibly hard.

The reason why it’s important to not give up is that a breakthrough could be right around the corner. If you can just hold on and do the best you can, something good might come along and fix the majority of your issues.

4. You have too many options You might think that having a variety of choices would be a good thing. This isn’t always true. Although you do need to take time to weigh the pros and cons, you must not dwell too long in not making a choice, else you lose all your choices and become stuck where you are.

5. You might think that as long as you pay your bills every month, then you are financially okay. That’s not entirely true. Your finances are important so you must learn to spend and save wisely.

6. I met people that took little responsibility for their life. It was always the bad employer, the bad boyfriend, and the horrible parents. Nothing was a fault of their own.

You absolutely have to take responsibility for things you do, and sometimes for the things that are only PARTIALLY your fault! Life isn’t kind to those who do not take responsibility for their actions, and many times they end up alone.

7. Stop speaking negatively about yourself or your unfortunate situations. Dwelling in negativity is a selfdefeating behavior that won’t only damage your life, but can damage the lives of others as well.

Things happen, people leave, and jobs are lost. Yeah, it happens just like that and easily, too. But, regardless, there is no sense in making life even harder by the way you act.

Now is the time to stop this self-defeating behavior and see life as a success instead of a failure. There is always time to turn your life around and become what you’ve always wanted. Never give up on what you really want.