Security agencies pool vs crime

Plans are afoot for security agencies in Dumaguete and Negros Orien tal to organize as a group to help in the anti-criminality campaign of the city.

In Tuesday meeting with city police chief PSupt Jonathan Pineda, heads of security agencies have signified their intention to help the police maintain peace and order, after a short lecture on intelligence information gathering at the police station.

Pineda said the security agencies found the short workshop very helpful in reinforcing their knowledge about security matters.

Thus, the plan for security guards numbering about 1,000 to group themselves into an organization that will serve as force multipliers to the city police.

As an initial step, one security agency assured the city police to set-up a radio base communication equipment at the police station that will serve as communication link with the security agencies.

In case crimes are committed within the vicinity of establishments being guarded by the blue guards, they can send pictures through the Viber account of the police for immediate response.

Pineda said this is also good for the security agencies in their effort to enhance their capabilities and strategies in guarding establishments.

He said no establishment will hire security agencies with bad records in guarding.