Scoring big in a job interview


Scoring big in a job interview

It’s that time of the year where job fairs come a-plenty. This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself out there, to see what opportunities you can take advantage of. The biggest hurdle that you have to face before getting hired is the job interview. How exactly can you score big during one of the most nerve-wracking ten to fifteen minutes of your life? Here are some tips to get you through the whole thing.

Do your homework.

You can’t just show up unprepared. Know the company that you want to get into. Do your best to connect your company goals with your own. Show how you can imbibe the company’s culture and underline what you can bring to the table. In short, do your homework. Research about the company. Such knowledge will come in really handy.

Prepare for the questions.

In a way, the questions during a job interview are pretty generic that’s why you can prepare way beforehand. Here are some of the most common questions in a job interview as gathered by

· What can you tell me about yourself?
· Can you list your strengths?
· What weaknesses do you have?
· Why should I consider hiring you?
· Where do you see yourself five years from now?
· Why do you want to work here?
· What is your salary expectation?
· What motivates you?
· What makes a good team player?
· Is there anything that you would like to ask me?

Don’t come across like a robot.

Just because you prepared the answers to generic questions, it doesn’t mean that you’d reply like an automaton rather than a human being. Be natural! It’s like you’re just having a normal conversation albeit a more formal one. Oh and don’t show up as if you’re the interviewer’s long lost friend. You’re not. Be warm and upbeat but don’t feel too much at home.


This is where you can ask your trusted friend for valuable feedback. Let him/her play the interviewer while you answer as you would on the big day. Be open to constructive criticisms. That’ll help you fine tune your “performance.”

With that said, here’s a great job opportunity! Delonix, a leading BPO in Cebu City, is now opening its doors in Dumaguete. It will have its recruitment run on October 27-29 at 8am to 5pm at Hotel Essencia. The company will formally open by November and will be situated in the building previously occupied by Qualfon. Delonix is looking for general virtual assistants, social media specialists, and customer service representatives. The best thing about it is that employees won’t have work on weekends and no graveyard shift — two awesome reasons to choose Delonix. Go check their page at Good luck!


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