Sanitary Landfill Oppositors say: It‘s flood prone

DUMAGUETE CITY – Oppositors to the sanitary landfill chosen area in Candau-ay say that the site is flood prone, near the Okoy River and residential areas and do not comply with the requirements in accordance with law.

Fr. Simplicio Vincoy, parish priest showed the CHRONICLE a copy of the thousand signatories  says that the people in their signed petition are asking answers to the following questions:

  1. Has there been a thorough study conducted subjecting the proposed site to each of the 13 parameters which results state the site has not failed to satisfy  or comply the exclusion and conditional criteria?
  2. has there been environmental safety studies conducted by the city in coordination with DENR’s EMB and MGB?
  3. Has there been a prior approval of the proposed site by the DENR?
  4. Has there been stakeholders’ consultations conducted , especially to the affected barangays Candau-ay and Camanjac before deciding to buy the lot for the purpose of establishing a sanitary landfill  for Dumaugete city?

The  oppositors  cited 3 standards out of l3  criterion which have been either “overlooked or directly infringed.”

  1. Proximity to perennial surface waters: cite must not be within 300 meters of watershed areas or upgradient of any surface waters
  2. Avoid areas within l km upgradient of a perennial stream, river or lake ;
  3. Vulnerability to flooding: site must not be located in areas prone to seasonal flooding, flood prone areas  as declared by DENR-MGB ;
  4. Avoid areas that may be subject to washout or inundation during a major flood;
  5. Proximity to residential areas and other sensitive land users: Site must not be located within 250meters in existing or proposed residential, commercial or urban development areas etc.;
  6. Avoid areas within l km of residential, commercial,or industrial or urban centers, churches, schools and other public places;
  7. Site is near the Okoy River hence dangerous to floodings;
  8. Site is adjacent to houses of low-income families, LCP Bloomington farms which has been susceptible to floodings;
  9. The oppositors admit that while mitigating measures will be instituted ,  it is always possible that the area will be environmentally affected.  Their statement concluded.