Sagay Massacre: a National Security Issue


DUMAGUETE CITY – The massacre of nine farmers in Sagay, Negros Occidental has become a national security issue it would seem. – Sagay Massacre

That Duterte cancelled his scheduled trip to Sagay in order to condole with the victims’ families seems to indicate there was an impending security threat in the sudden cancellation.

It is possible that Duterte might be led into a “trap” so that when he visits the isolated village of the dead, his convoy too might suffer the same fate.

This is an old modus operandi, reminding us of the Guihulngan massacre of six policemen who were waylaid just when they were on their way to a rescue mission. It turned out that the rescue mission could have been the trap so all six policemen were killed.

When the news alert was flashed that Duterte suddenly cancelled his trip to Sagay despite a fairly good weather, well-meaning citizens surmised that Duterte’s party if on board a chopper might be hit with a simple missile and could lead into a major national disaster, God forbid. We cannot afford to lose this president at this moment in time of our shaky political history. That is just the conjecture of security-conscious people around.


Can a senator or any elective official for that matter who has not served his full term be able to still run even after the expiration of his second term?

It would seem that the answer is YES. It is because the man was not able to serve a full term. Only his tenure expires on June 30 next year.

We are talking about Sen. Koko Pimentel who was elected in 2007 under protest and was able to win his case 4 years later and formally held office only in 2011 just two years before his first term was to expire in 2013.

So from 2013 to 2019, Koko Pimentel shall have finished his second term as senator and should already be disqualified from running next year.

But the legal argument which Sen. Koko is set to argue in the Supreme Court is that he has not yet served his full term because he was four months late after winning his long election case against Sen. Miguel Zubiri who in fact resigned when Koko sat down as senator.

But the question is what happens to Koko’s extra two years sitting down as senator. We feel it is just his good fortune otherwise there will be no end in offsetting tenures of offices entangled in long election cases.
Of course Zubiri still has another term in 2019 and so should Koko Pimentel.