Sad state of affairs


(Of Saddleback Church with Rev. Ric Warren of Purpose Driven Life)

It is such a sad state of affairs what has transpired with the George Floyd events.

For too long, racism has gripped all societies. The magnifying glass is on the United States again. I disagree vehemently to the chaos that arose from Floyd’s killing. Yet, I understand.

Although majority of law-enforcement do their jobs well, it’s unfortunate that under tones of racism still exist in the justice system. In fact, in all arenas of commerce.

There’s just been too many slights towards the black community.

In short, our world has been undergoing tremendous evil attacks on all fronts. Our role as Christians is to pray for wisdom and boldness. Then stand up for what’s right.

Christian or Non Christian, even what is right is subjective. So many have chosen situational truth over absolute truth.

Situational truth is based on mans perspective. What seems to be good at the moment.

Absolute truth is based on Gods perspective. His directives and commandments. Right is right and wrong is wrong all the time. Gods edicts are timeless and transcends race, religion, color, political biases and financial standing. What is wrong/right 2000 years ago is still wrong/right today.

If our minds have been rattled with social media, fake news, gossip and the sorts, then retreat to what has been, and will continue to be constant, Gods word. When He reveals His truth, then Christians need to move.

These two verses summarize how Christians ought to view world events.

James 2:14-26 …Faith without works is dead….

James 4:17…

If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. (By Ptr. BENNY LAGOS)