Russian envoy disclaims CPP support

LR: Second Secretary of the Russian embassy Denis Karenin, Mayor Remollo and Ambasssador Igor Khovaev of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Philippines answering questions from the local media.

Ambassador Igor Khovaev of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Philippines disclaimed any support  given by the Russians to the Communist Party of the Phlippines whom he described as symbols.

In a press conference at the mayor’s lounge at city hall, Amb. Khovaev said that he does not know who is supporting the CPP in the Philippines beyond claiming that he does not know what kind of communism is being espoused by Jose Maria Sison. 

The Russian envoy also said that certainly the CPP kind of communism is not in any way similar to the old Russian concept of communism.  He reiterated that at no time in history has the Russiam government supported the Phlippine communist movement, even before its abolition in Russia.

Russia which used to be the mother of the Stalinist, Leninist, and similar movements is now a democratic order where officials are all elected by the people.  The communist party which used to run Russias government is no more, he said.

That is why Kovaev is trying to tour the PHlippines and propagate the new beautiful, progressive, and free Russia. While it is a super power, its military force is merely for defense and not for aggression.  He did not say who is Russia’s enemy of the State.

Instead he supported  Mayor Remollo’s  proposal to sign a twin-city agreement with a Russiasn counter part , a city similar to that of Dumaguete in size and culture.

The ambassador extended an open invitation for local officials and local mediamen to visit Russia. He even said that Visa processing for visitors from Dumaguete will be done with super dispatch.

He brought with him his second secretary of the embassy Mr Dennis Karrenin  who processes visas for Moscow visitors. He suggested that the future visit of Dumaguetenos to Moscow will be done during the summer months of May to August so that the weather will be tolerable to Filipinos.

He expressed  his desire to bring Russian made movies for the appreciation of the local population. He said Russian culture is expressed also on movies so it will be easy for people to understand.

Khovaev was  joined byMayor Remollo, Sangguniang Kabataan President Lei Marie Danielle Tolentino, Councilor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, students, city government employees and citizens as they screened “Salyut 7” in the session hall, Friday.

The Russian envoy, who first visited last July 2018, said that the movies offer the local audience a deeper understanding of his nation’s rich culture and tradition to the Filipino audience in the hope of building a solid friendship based on mutual trust.